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Aug 2, 2019
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week Ending August 2
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Apr 1, 2019
Big Bank Roundup, Bank of America Catches Our Eye
In this article, let’s catch up with how far the big 6 banks in the US have come since the height of the financial crisis exactly a decade hence. We will highlight the improvements in the banking system, some of the key risks, and a few high level thoughts about the individual franchises leading the US banking system. We like Bank of America the most, and we include diversified banking exposure in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio.
Jul 27, 2018
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week Ending July 27
We provide a list of firms that raised/lowered their dividends during the week ending July 27. The dividend reports of covered firms on this list will be updated shortly with the new information. To access our dividend reports use the ‘Symbol’ search box in our website header.
May 22, 2017
Investing Versus Speculating: Ford, GM, Tesla
Ford is making some changes at the top, but we still like General Motors. Tesla’s stock remains “uninvestable,” in our view.
Mar 30, 2017
Who’s Driving Who: The Future of the Automakers
Image Source: HimmelrichPR. Let’s dig into some recent developments surrounding the auto market, and how technological and strategic innovation could reshape the future of the space.
Aug 5, 2016
Major Automakers: Fundamental Uncertainty But Potential Investment Opportunity…Soon
Image Source: Ford. The fates of major US automakers General Motors and Ford remain as tethered as ever, but we remain in awe at how punitive “this” frothy market is on their respective valuations. For one, GM is trading at 5 times forward adjusted earnings and boasts a near-5% dividend yield!
Jul 7, 2016
Sharp Curves Ahead for US Auto Market?
Image Source: Ally Financial. The month of May saw many major automakers report significant declines in sales in the US. Could the effect of pent-up demand for autos finally be slowing? An overheated loan market is adding concern to the situation.
Apr 7, 2016
Debt, Debt and More Debt
Image Source: Michael Fleshman. A shocking statistic in education, an important “hidden” data point on auto sales, trouble at the malls, tracking the commercial aerospace cycle, and our thesis on banking equities continues to ring true...

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