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Nov 27, 2019
ICYMI: Watch Valuentum's Presentation on 'Value Trap' Now!
YOU WILL LEARN  ---  * The pitfalls of valuation multiple analysis and the risks of extrapolating some empirical quantitative conclusions.  * A critical framework to view and interpret stock price movements and stock valuation.  * The universal nature of enterprise valuation to all things finance from competitive advantage analysis to dividend-growth investing and beyond.
Nov 22, 2019
Dividend Growth Newsletter Portfolio Holding Microsoft Secures a Big Win
Image Shown: Shares of Microsoft Corporation continue to make new highs and we think MSFT may test the upper end of our fair value range given the company’s improving growth outlook. Shares of Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio holding Microsoft continue to climb higher. We think shares could test the upper end of our fair value estimate range, which currently sits at $166 per share, comfortably above where Microsoft’s stock is trading at as of this writing (~$149 per share). Recent events have augmented the company’s free cash flow potential, with an eye towards the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (‘JEDI’) contract win. Shares of MSFT yield ~1.4% as of this writing.
Nov 20, 2019
Economic Commentary: Marks, Dalio, and the Discount Rate
Image Source: Mike Cohen. We sat down with the Valuentum team to discuss their latest thoughts on recent economic developments. To kick off the conversation, let’s start with the team’s views on the latest memo from Oaktree’s Howard Marks: Mysterious. For those that don’t know Howard, he is the Director and Co-Chairman of Oaktree, which managed about $122 billion in AUM, as of September 2019. The memo goes into depth on the reasons for negative interest rates, the impact of negative interest rates, and opines on whether the US will ever see negative interest rates. Then, we’ll go from there!
Nov 1, 2019
Image Source: Tim Vrtiska. As I think back over the many years we've managed the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to help so many dividend growth investors, not only in finding big winners, but also in avoiding big losers. If you recall, many dividend growth investors were swept away by the MLP craze years ago, and we saved our membership, perhaps in impeccable fashion. Who remembers? From "getting out" of General Electric near $30 per share, to warning about ConocoPhillips' and Kinder Morgan's dividend cuts far in advance years ago, we've been focused intensely on gaining your trust each and every day. Of course we've had some huge winners, too, some of them no longer in the newsletter portfolio such as Hasbro, Procter & Gamble, Medtronic, names we may add back into the future at the "right price," near the low end of our fair value estimate range on the "way up." How can we forget some of the big winners still in the newsletter portfolios! Big tech has been on fire of late with Intel and Microsoft approaching new all-time highs. You may recall these two companies were among the first stocks to ever register a 9 or 10 on the Valuentum Buying Index in 2011/2012, and their respective Dividend Cushion ratios have been fantastic for years, accompanied by strong dividend growth. How can we forget about Apple? What a call that one has turned out to be -- shares of the iPhone maker closed at ~$256 today! Microsoft is now a mid-$140 stock! A number of years ago, we traveled the country sharing our thoughts on Microsoft, pounding the table on its undervaluation and strong dividend growth prospects, saying it epitomized what Valuentum looks for in dividend growth ideas at the time. This presentation from our September 2015 trip to the Silicon Valley AAII was one of my favorites. Download that presentation to learn how we looked at Microsoft through the lens of the Dividend Cushion ratio, "Value-Focused, Momentum-Based Dividend Growth Investing (pdf)." Please go ahead. The Dividend Cushion ratio is worth the price of any membership. I'm so very proud of the Valuentum team, its methodologies, Value Trap, and what we've been able to do for investors all these years, especially dividend growth investors. I'm so grateful for you. You found us, tuned out the noise, and hopefully have made so much money these many years. Without tearing up on any further nostalgia, download the November edition of the Dividend Growth Newsletter in this article. You've earned it. I hope you enjoy this edition greatly, and thank you so much! -- Brian Nelson, CFA
Oct 24, 2019
Dividend Growth Newsletter Portfolio Holding Microsoft Posts a Nice Quarter
Image Source: Mike Mozart. We continue to like Microsoft’s free cash flow growth potential and see the firm sporting a great dividend growth trajectory given its pristine balance sheet and quality cash flow profile. Shares of MSFT yield ~1.5% as of this writing.
Oct 14, 2019
Economic Commentary: Robots, Value Trap, and Politics on the Markets
Valuentum sat down for the latest installment of its periodic economic commentary, and the team tackled a wide array of topics, from robots on Wall Street, to President of Investment Research Brian Nelson’s new book Value Trap, to political influence on the markets and boyond. Let’s set the stage with a prompt from a recent Bloomberg article, “The Master of Robots…Coming for Wall Street...
Oct 12, 2019
ICYMI: Interview with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA
Catch up with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA in a recent interview with dividend growth investor Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland of the blog stockles.
Oct 9, 2019
Oracle Makes a Big Push Into the Cloud
Image Source: Oracle Corporation – September 2019 IR Presentation. On Monday October 7, Reuters reported that Oracle Corporation planned to hire an additional ~2,000 workers to support the tech giant’s cloud expansion strategy. These new jobs would be centered around San Francisco, Seattle, and India. We continue to like Oracle as a holding in our Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio and are excited to see how its push into new international cloud computing markets will pan out. Our fair value estimate stands at $55 per share, roughly where ORCL is trading at as of this writing, with the top end of our fair value estimate range sitting at $66 per share (Oracle could test the upper bounds of our range should its cloud computing growth story pick up steam).
Oct 4, 2019
Economic Commentary: Apple $225+, Brokers Tumble, Auto Sales Look Tired
Image: Shares of TD Ameritrade Holdings have been punished as online trading commissions go to zero. "Though all signs point to increased volatility, we maintain our view that we’re well-positioned in the newsletter portfolios, and the ideas highlighted in the Exclusive publication consider the backdrop economic conditions we closely monitor." -- Brian Nelson, CFA
Sep 23, 2019
Empirical Support for Porter’s “Gospel,” Plus Comments on the “Head Fake” Rotation
“Let’s be very clear: There is strong empirical quantitative evidence that the price-to-fair value equation (“factor”) is predictive of returns, which is what matters for value investors, and in Morningstar’s case, the moat assessment is just part of that overarching conclusion (fair value estimate). Researchers continue to attack the moat “factor” on grounds that don’t make any sense, in my view, and are cherry-picking parameters to assess value investing.” – Brian Nelson, CFA

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