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Sep 10, 2021
Best Idea Korn Ferry Posts a Stellar Earnings Update
Image Shown: Shares of Korn Ferry have surged higher year-to-date, and we see room for additional capital appreciation upside. We added shares of Korn Ferry as an idea to our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio back in January 2021 and continue to be huge fans of the name. The top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $104 per share of Korn Ferry. Organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry posted results for its first quarter of fiscal 2022 (period ended July 31, 2021) on September 8 that smashed past consensus top- and bottom-line estimates. Korn Ferry commented in the earnings press release that it had generated record quarterly fee revenue, the source of the lion’s share of its sales (alongside modest ‘reimbursed out-of-pocket engagement expenses’), and that its operating income, adjusted EBITDA, and diluted EPS all came in at all-time highs last fiscal quarter. The company’s business is rebounding strongly from the worst of the coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic with room to run.
Jul 27, 2021
The Valuentum Buying Index as a Differentiating Factor
Image: The Valuentum Buying Index explanatory stock market return model. For illustratiive and educational purposes only. The Valuentum Buying Index should not be used by itself. No other research provider has approached mapping the market in this manner, making Valuentum’s research a differentiating factor behind your practice and a must-have for any investor. No system is perfect, but we continue to be impressed with how well 9- and 10-rated equities have performed, including the most recent 10, Facebook. We hope to continue to help you in all your equity research needs, but please be sure to always do your own due diligence. We can never provide you with buy/sell advice.
Jul 15, 2021
Answering Some Questions from Our Members
Image Source: Eric. Let’s cover some recently asked questions for the benefit of all.
Jun 27, 2021
Two Alerts and Bull Market On!
Image Source: Mike Cohen. "We like stocks in an inflationary environment, and we love big cap tech and large cap growth in any environment." -- Brian Nelson, CFA
Jun 25, 2021
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week June 25
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Jun 23, 2021
Best Idea Korn Ferry Posts Record Results, Shares Surge
Image Shown: Korn Ferry posted record fee revenue and diluted EPS performance in the final quarter of fiscal 2021 as its business continued to recover. We include Korn Ferry as an idea in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and continue to be huge fans of the name. Image Source: Korn Ferry – Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. We continue to be enormous fans of Korn Ferry and its capital appreciation upside potential. Part of the firm’s strength comes from its industrial clients representing approximately 25%-30% of Korn Ferry’s business (according to recent management commentary), keeping in mind industrial activity has rebounded strongly from the depths of the pandemic-induced downturn last calendar year. As the services side of the global economy starts to recover in earnest, Korn Ferry’s financials should continue to improve going forward, while management also sees room for additional upside from its industrial clients as well.
Jun 21, 2021
Top Ideas Doing Great
Image Source: Aguayo Samuel. The Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio continues to showcase the benefits of diversified stock selection in a portfolio setting over asset-allocation rebalancing (the 60/40 stock/bond portfolio is up just ~3% so far this year). Google and Facebook, the two top holdings in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio, continue to roar higher!
Jun 21, 2021
Best Idea Korn Ferry Getting Ready to Post Earnings
Image Shown: Korn Ferry’s revenue generation mix across business operating segments, geographies, and industries as of the third quarter of fiscal 2021. Image Source: Korn Ferry – Third Quarter of Fiscal 2021 Earnings IR Presentation. The management consulting firm Korn Ferry was added to the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio on January 12, 2021 after the firm registered a 9 on the Valuentum Buying Index (‘VBI’). Shares of KFY have increased by 31% since then versus an 11% gain for the S&P 500 as of the end of normal trading hours on June 18. The top end of our fair value estimate range sits $79 per share of KFY, well above where shares of Korn Ferry are trading as of this writing, and we see room for additional capital appreciation upside going forward. Though Korn Ferry’s business faced tremendous headwinds due to the coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic, ongoing vaccine distribution efforts are beginning to pick up steam worldwide and demand for the firm’s services is on the rebound.
Jun 1, 2021
ICYMI -- Video: Exclusive 2020 -- Furthering the Financial Discipline
In this 40+ minute video jam-packed with must-watch content, Valuentum's President Brian Nelson talks about the Theory of Universal Valuation and how his work is furthering the financial discipline. Learn the pitfalls of factor investing and modern portfolio theory and how the efficient markets hypothesis holds little substance in the wake of COVID-19. He'll talk about what companies Valuentum likes and why, and which areas he's avoiding. This and more in Valuentum's 2020 Exclusive conference call.
May 13, 2021
Markets Back on Track – Seeking Net-Cash-Rich, Free Cash Flow Generators with Pricing Power!
Image Shown: The pricing action of ideas in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio May 13. Image Source: Seeking Alpha.  We remain intensely focused on the cash-based sources of intrinsic value—net cash on the balance sheet and future expected free cash flow—when it comes to identifying price-to-fair-value-estimate mis-pricings as well as in assessing long-term dividend health. We think it may be tempting to rotate into some names where fair value estimate revisions have occurred, but the margin of safety around many energy/commodity producers and banking entities may be too large even for conservative investors. We expect most energy/commodity producers to continue to endure boom-and-bust cycles, and banking entities to do the same, as the latter act more like utilities this day and age. Once implicitly nationalized during the Great Financial Crisis, and used as an extension of government programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program during the COVID-19 crisis, outsize economic profit spreads may remain limited for banks/financials given the punitive regulatory environment. Facebook, of course, remains our top idea for long-term capital appreciation potential. Newmont Mining remains our favorite dividend growth-oriented “inflation hedge” followed by garbage hauler Republic Services and its CPI-indexed contracts. AT&T remains our favorite high yield dividend idea, boasting a free-cash-flow covered ~6.5% dividend yield, and we prefer only diversified exposure to the energy and banking sectors through the Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE) and Financials Select Sector SPDR (XLF). We’ll be looking to deploy the ~10%-20% cash “positions” in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio in the coming months. The High Yield Dividend Newsletter remains “fully invested,” and Exclusive idea generation remains robust. If you haven’t already, please be sure to have a look at the video in this article to see how we assess the cash flow statement and balance sheet to uncover stocks with strong net cash positions and solid future free cash flows that handily cover expected cash dividend payments. We apply this laser-focus on financial statement analysis across our idea-generation suite of publishing products.

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