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Nov 25, 2020
Thinking Slow: 3 Research Blind Spots That Changed the Investment World
Image Source: We have to be on high alert about how our minds work. PBS is premiering a four-part series examining about how easily our minds are being hacked, and why it is so important to "think slow." Tune in (5). When it comes to the active versus passive debate, does the analysis suffer from parameter risk? With respect to empirical, evidence-based analysis, does the analysis have the entire construct wrong? When it comes to short-cut multiples, are we falling into the behavioral trap of thinking on autopilot?
Nov 24, 2020
Your Role as a Choice Architect
Image: Impact Hub Global Network. Richard Thaler in his groundbreaking book Nudge, co-written with Cass Sunstein, talked about the role of the choice architect. A choice architect is basically someone or some organization that has the responsibility for organizing the context and content in which people make decisions. At Valuentum, we can never provide personalized buy/sell advice, but in providing publishing services, we've opted for the healthy option for members, and that sometimes means you won't find a large selection of dessert options. This isn't a shortcoming of our service (i.e. we know desserts are tempting), but rather a key positive attribute. As we've shown time and time again, you don't need to look far to beat the market return (or, by comparison, to have a healthy diet). If something is not on the menu at Valuentum, it means the chef has something better cooking in the kitchen. Here's to your long-term financial health!
Nov 17, 2020
Walmart’s Digital Strategy Continues to Pay Off
Image Shown: Walmart Inc continues to distribute its free cash flows back to shareholders via dividends and share repurchases. The retailing giant’s management team has a long track record of being shareholders friendly. However, we still view shares of WMT as generously valued as of this writing, given that the top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $133 per share though WMT is currently trading closer to ~$150 per share. Image Source: Walmart Inc – Third Quarter of Fiscal 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. On November 17, Walmart reported third quarter earnings for fiscal 2021 (period ended October 31, 2020) that beat consensus estimates on both the top- and bottom-lines. As we have noted in the past, the key driver behind Walmart’s financial outperformance of late has been its e-commerce operations. Whether that be to support home delivery services or curbside pick-up options, Walmart’s past digital investments better allowed the retailing giant to meet surging demand for consumer staples and other products in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic. The top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $133 per share of WMT, indicating Walmart is generously valued as of this writing as its shares are currently trading near $150. However, we still view Walmart’s business model as stellar and its cash flow profile as impressive. During the first nine months of fiscal 2021, Walmart generated over $16.4 billion in free cash flow. The firm spent $4.6 billion covering its dividend obligations and another $1.2 billion buying back its stock during this period, and both of these activities were fully covered by Walmart’s free cash flows and then some. Shares of WMT yield ~1.4% as of this writing.
Nov 4, 2020
Best Ideas Newsletter Portfolio Holdings Are Surging!
Image: The holdings in the Best Ideas Newsletter during the trading session November 4. We continue to pound the table on our best ideas. If you were like me, you stayed up as long as you could last night watching the U.S. election coverage before it became too difficult to keep your eyes open. When I went to sleep, it seemed as though Donald Trump would be re-elected. The only state that appeared to flip to the Democrats from the 2016 election was Arizona, meaning Trump would still retain greater than the 270 electoral votes required to gain re-election. Well, that was last night, and this is today. As more and more votes came in last night and into the morning, it became evident that the races in Wisconsin and Michigan were much tighter than the news coverage last night led to believe. In fact, with just a small percentage of the votes left outstanding to count in those states, Joe Biden appears to be running ahead of Donald Trump in those states, if only ever so slightly (~20,000-30,000 votes). Donald Trump’s huge gap in Pennsylvania--about 8.7 percentage points at the time of this writing--may also narrow when it is all said and done. The bottom line is that this election is just too early to call!
Oct 22, 2020
Overweighting Outperformers
Image: The performance of ideas in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio during the trading session October 21. Many of the higher-weighted ideas in the newsletter portfolio are propelling the portfolio to relative outperformance. The Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio comprises a portfolio constructed of Valuentum's best ideas. These are companies that have scored favorably on the Valuentum Buying Index (VBI) and have been included in the newsletter portfolio with consideration of sector diversification and market/economic risk. The Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio is found in the Best Ideas Newsletter, which is released on the 15th of each month. Source: Seeking Alpha.
Oct 13, 2020
Great Day in the Markets!
Image: The Invesco QQQ Trust, an exchange-traded fund based on the NASDAQ 100 index, had a great day during the trading session October 12, as it leads all major indexes on the year. The trading session October 12 was a sight to see. The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 0.88%, the S&P 500 jumped 1.64%, while the NASDAQ powered ahead an incredible 2.56%. As many of our members know, the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio are very heavily weighted in large cap growth, big cap tech, and the NASDAQ.
Oct 12, 2020
Dollar General’s Promising Growth Outlook
Image Source: Dollar General Corporation – Fiscal 2019 Annual Report. We are big fans of Dollar General Corp and continue to like shares of DG as a holding in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. After updating our discounted cash flow model, we increased the fair value estimate and the top end of our fair value estimate range for Dollar General. Under our “bull” case scenario, Dollar General now has a fair value estimate of $223 per share. Even if Dollar General surpasses the top end of our fair value estimate range, we prefer to let our winners run until their technicals turn against them. The latest 16-Page Stock Report covering Dollar General can be accessed here.
Oct 8, 2020
Our Reports on Stocks in the Discretionary Spending Industry
Image Source: Mike Mozart. Our reports on stocks in the Discretionary Spending industry can be found in this article: ATVI, BBY, CBRL, CMG, DIS, DG, DLTR, DPZ, DNKN, EL, F, GM, HAS, HD, LOW, MCD, NFLX, NKE, SBUX, TSLA, YUM, DKS.
Sep 27, 2020
Costco Closes Out Fiscal 2020
Image Shown: Shares of Costco Wholesale Corporation have been on an upswing over the past five years. The ongoing coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic has upended daily activities and encouraged households worldwide to stockpile consumer staples products. When Costco Wholesale Corp reported its fourth quarter fiscal 2020 earnings (16-week period ended August 31, 2020) on September 24, management noted that Costco’s worldwide foot traffic was down ~1% year-over-year last fiscal quarter though its average basket size was up ~13% year-over-year during this period. Households are apparently making the most out of every shopping trip in order to socially distance. Costco’s ancillary businesses, like its in-store opticians and food courts operations, were hurt by temporary closures last fiscal quarter, though its core business held up very well. Costco’s gas business took a hit from reduced travel demand, though its membership renewal rates were broadly flat versus the same period a year ago last fiscal quarter.
Sep 25, 2020
PayPal and Visa Expand Partnership
Image Shown: Shares of Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio holding PayPal Holdings Inc have surged higher this year. We continue to be big fans of the company.The payment processing and payment solution space is incredibly attractive given the secular growth tailwinds supporting companies operating in the financial tech industry. As consumers are increasingly using cards and digitally-oriented payment services during the ongoing coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic, demand for the various “cash-less” payment options offered by PayPal Holdings and Visa is on the rise. Please note that rising demand for payment processing, cross-border transactions, and similar services is increasing from both consumers and businesses alike. This is more than just a short-term adjustment to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic; the transition towards a “cash-less society” has been underway for some time. We continue to like shares of both PayPal and Visa as top-weighted holdings in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio.

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