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Jan 8, 2020
Resetting Your Mental Model
Image Source: affen ajlfe. Having the right mental model and using the right information can be the reason why you win or lose in investing.
Jan 4, 2020
Valuentum Exclusive Success Rates Trump Even the Best Quant Hedge Funds
Image: President of Investment Research Brian Nelson, CFA. A new book, “The Man Who Solved the Market,” hit bookshelves last year, and thus far it has been a hit. The text goes into the story of quant hedge fund Renaissance Technologies and its hedge fund, the Medallion Fund, which has put up mammoth returns since inception.
Dec 31, 2019
Our Reports on Stocks in the Food Retailing Industry
Image Source: Mike Mozart. Our reports on stocks in the Food Retailing industry can be found in this article. Reports include CASY, COST, CVS, KR, SYY, TGT, WBA, WMT.
Dec 27, 2019
Johnson & Johnson Rebounds
Image Shown: Shares of Johnson & Johnson are on the rebound as various analysts are coming around to the name. We continue to like Johnson & Johnson in both our Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolios and view recent technical strength in shares of JNJ as a sign that the market is finally taking into consideration the company’s numerous guidance boosts and more importantly, the strength of its expected future free cash flows. Going forward, powerful tailwinds supporting rising healthcare expenditures in the US and abroad will continue to support Johnson & Johnson. To read more about those favorable tailwinds, check out this article here.
Dec 9, 2019
Health Care Sector Remains Hot
Image Shown: The Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETF, a holding in both our Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolios, has been on an upward tear over the past several years. Strong macro tailwinds combined with the ability for industries within the health care sector to generate meaningful shareholder value have been key to supporting strong capital appreciation of equities operating in the area of late. The Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETF is a top holding in both our Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolios. We like the exposure and diversification to health care equities that XLV provides. XLV yields ~1.5% as of this writing. State Street Corp acts as advisor to the fund through State Street Global Advisors, and annual fund operating expenses come out to just 13 basis points (we like the XLV ETF’s low gross expense ratio).
Dec 5, 2019
Best Buy’s Rebound Continues
Image Shown: Best Buy Co Inc has staged an impressive rebound over the past few years. This rebound was aided by significant investments in its digital presence, recognizing the core markets Best Buy wanted to target, and ultimately comparable store sales growth. On November 26, Best Buy reported third quarter earnings for its fiscal 2020 (three month period ended November 2, 2019) that beat both top- and bottom-line consensus estimates. Even better, Best Buy raised its guidance for fiscal 2020, largely on the back of stronger than expected same-store sales growth. Best Buy’s update helped send shares of BBY over our fair value estimate of $76 per share, and if this outperformance is sustained, the retailer may march towards the upper end of our fair value range estimate (which currently sits at $95 per share). Shares of BBY yield 2.5% as of this writing, and we like the firm’s dividend growth prospects. However, we caution that Best Buy remains very exposed to the US-China trade war, and we don’t include shares of BBY in our newsletter portfolios in large part due to the downside risks exogenous forces impose.
Nov 16, 2019
Walmart Earnings Report Indicates US Consumer Still Strong
Image Shown: Shares of Walmart Inc have performed quite well so far in 2019. That’s arguably due to the ongoing strength of the US consumer and the significant investments Walmart has made into expanding its domestic grocery e-commerce offerings.  There’s a lot of talk of recession right now, but as Walmart’s latest quarterly results show, the US consumer remains resilient. A combination of historically low unemployment rates and modest wage growth in the US has created a bulwark against exogenous shocks, with an eye towards the economic slowdown currently going on in the Eurozone and East Asia. We’ll see how long this paradigm can last. We aren’t interested in adding Walmart to any of our newsletter portfolios at this time, as shares of WMT already trade near the top end of our fair value estimate range (which sits at $119 per share). Shares of WMT yield 1.8% as of this writing. We continue to like the current holdings in both our Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolios.
Oct 30, 2019
Johnson & Johnson Announces New Test Results That Reveal No Traces of Asbestos in Johnson Baby Powder Products
Image Source: Johnson & Johnson – February 2019 CAGNY IR Presentation. Major retailers including Walmart, Rite Aid Corp, and CVS Health pulled Johnson Baby Powder products from their shelves after the announcement by the FDA. Johnson & Johnson is hoping that by fighting back it can preserve its brand power, revenues, and position on retailer’s shelves once it’s all said and done. We will continue to monitor this situation going forward and would like to note that Johnson & Johnson, potential legal liabilities aside, raised its full-year guidance for 2019 multiple times this year highlighting the underlying demand for its vast array of healthcare-related offerings. That supports a nice free cash flow growth trajectory.
Oct 12, 2019
ICYMI: Interview with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA
Catch up with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA in a recent interview with dividend growth investor Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland of the blog stockles.
Sep 13, 2019
Kroger Posts Solid Quarter, Issues Weak Guidance
Image Shown: Kroger Company – IR Presentation. Kroger’s same-store sales growth was a welcome sight as it relates to the current strength of the US consumer, but we are staying away from the retailer for a reason. Its large net debt load puts the company’s payout at risk during adverse economic conditions, and we think management should be battering down the hatches considering how late we are in the business cycle. Management ending Kroger’s incremental operating profit forecast is a troubling sign.

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