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Apr 7, 2022
Best Biotech Idea Vertex Pharma Outperforming Struggling Peers, Its New Treatment for Pain a Game Changer in the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic
Image: Vertex Pharma has advanced more than 18% since the beginning of 2021, trouncing the performance of the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF by an incredible margin. The outperformance gap stands at more than 50+ percentage points at the time of this writing. We were blown away by the phase II results released March 31 at Vertex Pharma for its non-opioid, non-addictive pain killer, the NaV1.8 inhibitor VX-548, and we think the molecule has the potential to provide a solution to the widespread opioid crisis in a meaningful way. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, tens of thousands of deaths each year are “attributed to overdosing on synthetic opioids.” The company’s phase II results for VX-548 provide “proof of concept” in order to push the study to more advanced studies, and we are highly encouraged. We also note that the long-term revenue and earnings potential for VX-548 is not included in our valuation model for Vertex Pharma and would offer pure incremental upside to our fair value estimate. VX-548 could be a game-changer in the fight against the opioid epidemic, in our view.
Jan 30, 2022
Our Favorite Biotech Vertex Pharma Powers Ahead, Leaps 6%+
Image: Vertex Pharma continues to soar toward our fair value estimate. The biotech arena is difficult to navigate, which is why we tend to play it a bit more conservative than most. Vertex Pharma has an established, cash-flow generating portfolio of cystic fibrosis therapies, which has helped to establish a net cash rich balance sheet and a steady stream of robust free cash flow, unlike many biotechs that need external capital and are at risk of never reaching commercialization. We’re excited about Vertex’s clinical pipeline of potentially transformative genetic therapies, and we like its exposure to CRISPR gene-editing technology, which could be a huge business in the years ahead. Vertex Pharma remains our favorite biotech play and an idea in the simulated Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio.
Dec 2, 2021
Best Idea Vertex Pharma Boosts Guidance (Again), Buying Back Stock While Awaiting Key Clinical Trials
Image Shown: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of our favorite biotech ideas. Image Source: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc – Third Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. Vertex Pharma has a robust drug pipeline, though all eyes are on its potential CTX001 treatment. Should the treatment receive the green light from key healthcare regulators, Vertex Pharma’s financial performance would benefit from a major growth catalyst. In the meantime, we think it is prudent for Vertex Pharma to continue leveraging its financial strength to repurchase sizable chunks of its stock. We like Vertex Pharma as an idea in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio.
Nov 28, 2021
Bitcoin, U.S. Large Cap Growth, and Technology Continue to Dominate Returns
Image source: Seeking Alpha, retrieved November 28. Bitcoin (GBTC), Technology (XLK), U.S. Large Cap Growth (SCHG), Russell 1000 Growth (IWF), Consumer Discretionary (XLY) have dominated returns the past 5 years. U.S. MLPs (AMLP), Crude Oil (USO), Energy (XLE), Chinese Stocks (FXI), and various bond ETFs (JNK), (AGG), (MUB) have trailed.
Aug 31, 2021
Best Idea Vertex Pharma Marching Forward with Innovative CRISPR Technology
Image Shown: An overview of Vertex Pharmaceuticals commercialized drug portfolio and pipeline. Image Source: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc – Second Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. The world of medicine and therapeutics continues to evolve, with gene editing CRISPR technology offering the medical community an immense source of potential life-saving therapies over the years and decades to come. Vertex Pharma is well-positioned to capitalize on any potential CRISPR technology breakthroughs, and we continue to like shares of VRTX as an idea in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. Should the company's experimental gene-editing therapy CTX001 get commercialized, that would provide Vertex Pharma with an incredibly powerful growth catalyst, complementing its existing portfolio of commercialized drugs that treat cystic fibrosis (‘CF’).
Aug 7, 2021
Valuentum Weekly
Image: Bitcoin, technology and large cap growth have led the pack the past 5 years while pipeline MLPs, crude oil and energy stocks have fallen way behind. Large cap growth > small cap value. Bonds, non-US stocks continue to lag. The Valuentum Weekly is a brand-new weekly market commentary from Valuentum Securities, released each weekend in digital form. The Valuentum Weekly offers members a weekly synopsis of the markets and major events. It will be straight and to-the-point. Our goal is to deliver to you the latest information and insights. We welcome your feedback on how we can make the Valuentum Weekly as useful and as relevant for you as ever!
Jul 13, 2021
Our Reports on the Health Care Bellwethers Industry
Image Source: A 4. Our reports on the Health Care Bellwethers industry can be found in this article Reports include JNJ, WBA, CVS, ISRG, MDT, ZBH, BAX, BDX, BSX, MTD, SYK, BIIB, GILD, ABT, ABBV, LLY, AMGN, BMY, MRK, PFE, VRTX, ZTS, REGN, UNH.
Jun 14, 2021
Vertex Pharma Still Extremely Healthy Even After VX-864 Disappointment
Image Shown: Vertex Pharma has a huge net cash position on the balance sheet offering it tremendous financial flexibility. Image Source: Vertex Pharma. We like Vertex Pharma as our speculative biotech idea in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio, albeit as a small allocation. The company has solid revenue support with its treatments for cystic fibrosis, an extremely healthy net-cash-rich balance sheet, and tremendous free cash flow generating capacity as it advances its pipeline and grows its relationship with gene-editing firm CRISPR Therapeutics. As an idea within the context of a well-diversified equity portfolio, Vertex Pharma continues to make the cut. We still like shares.
Jun 4, 2021
Best Idea Vertex Pharma Continues to Impress
Image Shown: We are big fans of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc and include shares of VRTX as an idea in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. The biotech firm posted a solid first quarter 2021 earnings report in late-April. Image Source: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc – First Quarter of 2021 Earnings IR Presentation. On April 29, Vertex Pharma reported first quarter 2021 earnings that beat both consensus top- and bottom-line estimates. Its GAAP revenues popped higher by 14% year-over-year as sales of its TRIKAFTA/KAFTRIO therapeutic offerings (TRIKAFTA is the US brand name, KAFTRIO is the European brand name) which treat cystic fibrosis (‘CF’) grew by 33% year-over-year. Economies of scale and revenue growth enabled Vertex Pharma to grow its GAAP operating income by 23% year-over-year in the first quarter. We include shares of VRTX as an idea in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and continue to be huge fans of the biotech firm.
Jun 1, 2021
ICYMI -- Video: Exclusive 2020 -- Furthering the Financial Discipline
In this 40+ minute video jam-packed with must-watch content, Valuentum's President Brian Nelson talks about the Theory of Universal Valuation and how his work is furthering the financial discipline. Learn the pitfalls of factor investing and modern portfolio theory and how the efficient markets hypothesis holds little substance in the wake of COVID-19. He'll talk about what companies Valuentum likes and why, and which areas he's avoiding. This and more in Valuentum's 2020 Exclusive conference call.

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