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Feb 14, 2019
Changes to the Newsletter Portfolios (Best Ideas & Dividend Growth)
Image shown: In our December 26 note to members, we moved the simulated Best Ideas Newsletter and simulated Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio to "fully invested" from a cash "allocation" of 30% and 20%, respectively at the high end of the range. It has worked out wonderfully as we keep our finger on the put option trigger in case price-agnostic trading and heightened volatility rears its ugly ahead again, as it did in December 2018.
Feb 14, 2019
Our Reports on Stocks in the Internet Content & Services Group
Image Source: Christopher. Our reports on stocks in the Internet Content & Services industry can be found in this article. Reports include AKAM, ANGI, BIDU, FB, GOOG (GOOGL), GRUB, JD, SOHU, TCEHY, TRIP, TWTR, ULTI, YELP.
Feb 11, 2019
Video Game Industry Adapting to Consumers and Technology
Image Source: steamXO.  Adapting to consumer consumption trends is a necessity for video game makers, and rapidly improving technology standards are impacting the industry as producers work to deliver high-quality entertainment effectively. Long-term demand trends are generally bright, but continual innovation and adaptation will be necessary.
Feb 9, 2019
2 Recent IPOs: Surveying SurveyMonkey and Sounding the Alarm on Sonos
Valuentum has an expansive stock research coverage universe. We don’t cover every company on the market, however. We include three new ideas outside of our coverage universe each month in the Exclusive publication--an income idea, a capital appreciation idea, and a short-idea consideration. In this article, let’s cover two companies that aren’t in our coverage universe but should be on your radar. Both are recent IPOs.
Feb 6, 2019
Questions Answered!
Image shown: The S&P 500 (SPY) performance and the timing of when we went to "fully invested" in the simulated newsletter portfolios, the Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter.  No changes to simulated newsletter portfolios.
Feb 5, 2019
Alphabet Working to Balance Rising Spending and Driving Revenue Growth
Alphabet’s top-line growth remains impressive, but rising costs continue to pressure margin performance. Free cash flow generation is still robust, which provides the backbone for its fortress-like balance sheet, but capital spending levels advanced at a significant rate in 2018.
Feb 1, 2019
Earnings Roundup: Amazon, Facebook, Honeywell, PayPal, Visa
Let's talk about our views on Amazon, Facebook, Honeywell, PayPal, and Visa. We think Facebook's equity offers the biggest bargain, but Visa remains our top idea, as it has been for some time.
Jan 30, 2019
Facebook +10% After Hours; How 'Bout That VBI Rating!
No changes to simulated newsletter portfolios.
Jan 30, 2019
A Great Couple Months! Apple Pops!
Image shown: The markets continue to rally significantly since the near-term bottom in December. No changes to simulated newsletter portfolios.
Jan 23, 2019
Consider Selling Discipline = Systematic, Forward-looking, Repeatable
Image shown: An illustration of Valuentum's call on Kinder Morgan during 2015. You can read about this in more detail in the Preface of Value Trap: Theory of Universal Valuation. For a consider-selling discipline to be successful, it must be systematic, forward-looking and repeatable. The Valuentum process worked equally well with General Electric during 2017 (image later in note).  No changes to simulated newsletter portfolios.

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