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Apr 27, 2022
Public Storage Getting Ready To Report First Quarter 2022 Earnings
Image Shown: Public Storage, a longtime idea in our High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio, has seen its share price skyrocket over the past year with room for additional upside, in our view. After the market close on May 3, the self-storage real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) Public Storage intends to report its first-quarter earnings for 2022, which will be followed up by an earnings conference call a day later. Shares of PSA have been a long-time idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio, and we continue to be enormous fans of the name. The top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $445 per share of Public Storage, indicating that shares of PSA have room to keep running higher. As of this writing, shares of PSA yield ~1.9%.
Feb 23, 2022
High-Yielding American Tower Is a Free Cash Flow Cow
Image Shown: American Tower Corporation operates the tower structure and related land parcel of cell tower assets, while its tenants handle the remainder. Image Source: American Tower Corporation – Third Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. Rising geopolitical tensions, inflationary headwinds, supply chain hurdles, and pressures from the rising interest rate environment are all weighing negatively on equity markets. In our view, this sell-off presents an opportunity for investors with a longer-term focus to consider high-quality REITs such as American Tower Corp, which is now trading at a significant discount to our estimate of its intrinsic value.
Feb 23, 2022
High-Yielding Life Storage Has Tremendous Dividend Strength
Image Shown: Life Storage Inc is committed to rewarding income seeking investors. Image Source: Life Storage Inc – January 2022 IR Presentation. We are huge fans of Life Storage and the self-storage industry. Life Storage owns 1,000+ self-storage properties across 30+ states and has received an investment grade credit rating (Baa2/BBB) from two of the ‘Big Three’ rating agencies. The REIT also operates a third-party management platform for self-storage properties. The company’s financials are rock-solid and recent guidance increases speak favorably towards its near term outlook. Shares yield a solid ~3.1% at the time of this writing.
Feb 21, 2022
High-Yielding Income Growth Idea Digital Realty Expects Business Will Continue Recovering
Image Shown: We are big fans of Digital Realty Trust Inc’s global footprint. Image Source: Digital Realty Trust Inc – Fourth Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. On February 17, Digital Realty Trust reported fourth quarter 2021 earnings that beat both consensus top- and bottom-line estimates, though its near term guidance came in a tad softer than expected. The data center real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) is facing headwinds from vintage leases rolling off and concerns about surging power costs around the world. On the plus side, Digital Realty is experiencing decent growth at the part of its business where re-leasing terms have been more favorable, and its contracts generally include provisions that allow the REIT to pass on electricity expenses to its tenants. We include Digital Realty as an idea in both the Dividend Growth Newsletter and High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolios.
Feb 16, 2022
Dividend Growth Idea Realty Income Makes an Intriguing Purchase
Image Shown: Dividend growth idea Realty Income Corporation is acquiring its first real estate property in the gaming realm through a sale-leaseback transaction with Wynn Resorts Limited. Image Source: Realty Income Corporation – February 2022 IR Presentation. On February 15, dividend growth idea Realty Income Corp announced its 620th consecutive monthly dividend. Since going public in 1994, Realty Income has increased its monthly payout over 110 times. Realty Income is a real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) focused on single-tenant commercial properties. We include the REIT as an idea in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio and continue to be big fans of Realty Income. Shares of O yield ~4.4% as of this writing.
Jan 10, 2022
Public Storage Is Simply A Monster REIT Idea!
Image Shown: We examine the traditional operating metrics of the REITs with a focus on traditional free cash flow, dividends paid, and traditional balance sheet analysis where we assess net debt positions. Most REITs fail to cover their dividends with traditional free cash flow and boast huge net debt positions. Public Storage remains one of our very favorite REITs, however. Its free cash flow coverage of the payout and manageable financial leverage are exactly what we’re looking for. There are a number of industry-specific metrics that REITs use including funds from operations (FFO) and adjusted funds from operations (AFFO), but we think more traditional analysis helps to offer incremental insights while adding considerable informational value when used in conjunction with industry-specific REIT analysis. The REIT with the best combination of dividend yield, free cash flow generation in excess of cash dividends paid, and leverage (as measured by net debt divided by annualized traditional free cash flow) is Public Storage. The company’s self-storage peers are runners up with respect to our favorites, followed by the tower stocks American Tower and SBA Communications, and then timber REIT Weyerhaeuser.
Jan 4, 2022
ICYMI: Dividend Growth Idea Realty Income Completes Transformation, Further Expands Overseas
Image Shown: An overview of dividend growth idea Realty Income Corporation’s tenant base, though this appears to be before taking into account its recent merger with VEREIT and spinoff of its corporate office properties portfolio. Image Source: Realty Income Corporation – November 2021 IR Presentation. On November 1, Realty Income Corp completed its stock-for-stock merger with VEREIT, a deal that according to an April 2021 press release had an enterprise value of ~$50 billion. When the merger closed, shareholders of Realty Income owned ~70% of the new entity and shareholders of VEREIT owned the remainder. Realty Income is a real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) with a vast commercial property portfolio that pays out monthly dividends. We are big fans of the REIT and include Realty Income as an idea in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio. Shares of O yield ~4.0% as of this writing.
Dec 24, 2021
High-Yielding Crown Castle Is One of Our Favorite REITs
Image Shown: We include Crown Castle International Corp as an idea in our High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio. Image Source: Crown Castle International Corp – October 2021 IR Presentation. Crown Castle International Corp is a real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) that owns and operates cell towers, fiber networks, and small cell nodes in the US. These assets form the backbone of wireless infrastructure and are key to enabling the domestic rollout of 5G networks and supporting existing 4G networks. We include shares of CCI in our High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio as we are big fans of its strong dividend coverage (when taking its ability to tap capital markets into account), impressive growth outlook, and high-quality cash flow profile. Shares of CCI yield ~2.9% as of this writing after the REIT boosted its quarterly dividend by 11% sequentially in October 2021, bringing its annualized payout up to $5.88 per share. Over the long haul, Crown Castle targets 7%-8% annual dividend growth. The REIT’s expansive asset base stretches across the US with operations in virtually every major metropolitan market. Crown Castle’s long-term contracts with its tenants (namely telecommunications giants) provide substantial visibility as it concerns its future cash flow performance. Additionally, Crown Castle generates substantial free cash flows, something we like a lot.
Dec 6, 2021
Our Reports on the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Our stock reports on the diversified REIT sector can be found in this article. Reports include CONE, DLR, FRT, O, REG, SPG, WPC, PEAK, HR, LTC, OHI, UHT, VTR, WELL, PSA, EQIX, CUBE, EXR, IRM.
Dec 3, 2021
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week December 3
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.

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