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Nov 17, 2021
Dividend Growth Idea Realty Income Completes Transformation, Further Expands Overseas
Image Shown: An overview of dividend growth idea Realty Income Corporation’s tenant base, though this appears to be before taking into account its recent merger with VEREIT and spinoff of its corporate office properties portfolio. Image Source: Realty Income Corporation – November 2021 IR Presentation. On November 1, Realty Income Corp completed its stock-for-stock merger with VEREIT, a deal that according to an April 2021 press release had an enterprise value of ~$50 billion. When the merger closed, shareholders of Realty Income owned ~70% of the new entity and shareholders of VEREIT owned the remainder. Realty Income is a real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) with a vast commercial property portfolio that pays out monthly dividends. We are big fans of the REIT and include Realty Income as an idea in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio. Shares of O yield ~4.0% as of this writing.
Oct 27, 2021
Digital Realty Boosts Guidance and Further Extends Growth Runway
Image Source: Digital Realty Trust Inc – Third Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. On October 26, Digital Realty Trust posted third quarter 2021 earnings that beat both consensus top- and bottom-line estimates. The data center real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) saw its GAAP operating revenues come in at $1.1 billion (up 11% year-over-year) and its non-GAAP core funds from operations (‘FFO’) per share come in at $1.65 per share (up 7% year-over-year) last quarter. Digital Realty also increased its guidance in conjunction with its latest earnings report, which we appreciate, as that signals the REIT is growing confident that it will exit 2021 on a high note. When taking into consideration Digital Realty’s ability to tap capital markets at attractive rates (something we cover in this article), we give the REIT a “GOOD” Dividend Safety rating as its adjusted Dividend Cushion ratio is near parity at 0.7, which factors in expected dividend growth over the coming years. Additionally, we give Digital Realty a “GOOD” Dividend Safety rating, underpinned by its bright cash flow growth outlook. The top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $186 per share of DLR, well above where Digital Realty is trading at as of this writing.
Oct 13, 2021
High-Yield Idea CyrusOne Considers Selling Itself
Image Shown: Shares of CyrusOne, an idea included in our High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio, are on a modest upward climb of late. The data center real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) is reportedly considering putting itself up for sale, though we like the REIT’s income generation upside regardless of whether a sale does materialize as its outlook continues to improve after posting stellar performance during the first half of 2021. Reportedly, CyrusOne is actively exploring a potential sale according to Reuters. We include shares of CONE as an idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio. The data center real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) has experienced significant turnover in its top ranks over the past couple of years which we will cover briefly, as that likely set the stage for the potential sale. Should CyrusOne decide not to sell itself, we would still be fans of its business model, growth runway, improving outlook, and income generation potential. Let's dig into latest developments in this article.
Sep 9, 2021
Digital Realty Is a Stellar Income Growth Idea
Image Source: Digital Realty Trust Inc – September 2021 IR Presentation. Digital Realty Trust is a carrier-neutral data center real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) that provides co-location and interconnection services. The REIT has grown its annual dividend over the past 15+ consecutive years, and we view Digital Realty as a stellar income-generation idea. As of this writing, shares of DLR yield ~2.8%. We include shares of DLR as an idea in both the Dividend Growth Newsletter and High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolios. Investors have been steadily warming up to Digital Realty this year, with shares of DLR up ~23% year-to-date, and we see room for additional upside as the top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $186 per share of Digital Realty.
Aug 15, 2021
Dividend Growth Idea Realty Income Is on the Rebound
Image Source: Realty Income Corporation – August 2021 IR Presentation. Realty Income, “The Monthly Dividend Company,” has paid out a dividend over the past 610+ consecutive months and shares of O yield a nice ~4.0% as of this writing. We are big fans of its pending merger with VEREIT and its international expansion plans as these endeavors will significantly improve both Realty Income’s growth runway and the resilience of its business model going forward. We continue to like Realty Income as an idea in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio and appreciate the REIT’s latest guidance boost. On a final note, we are keeping an eye on its pending merger with VEREIT.
Aug 9, 2021
High Yielding Idea CyrusOne Beats Estimates and Raises Guidance
Image Source: CyrusOne Inc – Second Quarter of 2021 IR Earnings Presentation. The data center and colocation service provider CyrusOne is a real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) that is included as an idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio. CyrusOne reported second quarter 2021 earnings July 28 that beat both consensus top- and bottom-line estimates, and CyrusOne also increased its full-year guidance in conjunction with its latest earnings update. We liked what we saw in CyrusOne’s latest earnings report.
Aug 7, 2021
Two High-Quality Self-Storage REITs Beat Estimates and Raise Guidance
Image Shown: Shares of CubeSmart (depicted by the blue line) and Public Storage (depicted by the orange line), two self-storage REITs that are included as ideas in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio, have surged higher year-to-date. We are big fans of the self-storage real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) industry, particularly in the US. These REITs offer their customers an economical way to maximize their living space at a time when domestic housing prices are surging from a baseline that is already quite high. Additionally, self-storage REITs are well-positioned to push through continuous rent increases given that the monthly rental expense for a self-storage unit for an ordinary US household likely represents just a sliver of their monthly budget, as compared to a monthly rental expense for a primary home or the monthly food budget, etc. Our favorite two names in the space are CubeSmart (CUBE) and Public Storage (PSA).
Jun 1, 2021
ICYMI -- Video: Exclusive 2020 -- Furthering the Financial Discipline
In this 40+ minute video jam-packed with must-watch content, Valuentum's President Brian Nelson talks about the Theory of Universal Valuation and how his work is furthering the financial discipline. Learn the pitfalls of factor investing and modern portfolio theory and how the efficient markets hypothesis holds little substance in the wake of COVID-19. He'll talk about what companies Valuentum likes and why, and which areas he's avoiding. This and more in Valuentum's 2020 Exclusive conference call.
Mar 22, 2021
Our Reports on the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Our stock reports on the diversified REIT sector can be found in this article. Reports include CONE, DLR, FRT, O, REG, SPG, WPC, PEAK, HR, LTC, OHI, UHT, VTR, WELL, PSA, EQIX, CUBE, EXR, IRM.
Feb 8, 2021
Stock Market Outlook for 2021
2020 was one from the history books and a year that will live on in infamy. That said, we are excited for the future as global health authorities are steadily putting an end to the public health crisis created by COVID-19, aided by the quick discovery of safe and viable vaccines. Tech, fintech, and payment processing firms were all big winners in 2020, and we expect that to continue being the case in 2021. Digital advertising, cloud-computing, and e-commerce activities are set to continue dominating their respective fields. Cybersecurity demand is moving higher and the constant threats posed by both governments (usually nations that are hostile to Western interests) and non-state actors highlights how crucial these services are. Retailers with omni-channel selling capabilities are well-positioned to ride the global economic recovery upwards. Green energy firms will continue to grow at a brisk pace in 2021, though the oil & gas industry appears ready for a comeback. The adoption of 5G wireless technologies and smartphones will create immense growth opportunities for smartphone makers, semiconductor players and telecommunications giants. Video streaming services have become ubiquitous over the past decade with room to continue growing as households “cut the cord” and instead opt for several video streaming packages. We’re not too big of fans of old industrial names given their capital-intensive nature relative to capital-light technology or fintech, but there are select names that have appeal. Cryptocurrencies have taken the market by storm as we turn the calendar into 2021, but the traditional banking system remains healthy enough to withstand another shock should it be on the horizon. Our fair value estimate of the S&P 500 remains $3,530-$3,920, but we may still be on a roller coaster ride for the year. Here’s to a great 2021!

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