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Sep 15, 2022
High-Yielding Digital Realty Is Committed to Rewarding Income Seeking Investors
Image Shown: Digital Realty Trust Inc continues to secure new leases which supports its growth outlook. Image Source: Digital Realty Trust Inc – Second Quarter of 2022 Earnings Press Release. Data center real estate investment trusts (‘REITs’) are a great source of income with ample growth opportunities given the secular tailwinds underpinning data demand growth. The proliferation of cloud computing, the Internet of Things (‘IoT’) trend, the rise of autonomous automobiles, households that previously did not have access to the Internet gaining access (particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian), the rollout of 5G wireless services, and other factors are all driving up data demand around the world. In turn, that makes it easier for data center REITs to renew existing leases, sign new leases, and expand their asset bases. Digital Realty Trust is one of our favorite data center REITs given its global footprint, scale, and commitment to income seeking investors as it has pushed through 15+ years on consecutive annual dividend increases. Shares of DLR yield ~4.1% as of this writing.
Aug 30, 2022
CubeSmart Is a Tremendous High Yielding Idea
Image Shown: CubeSmart is one of our favorite high yielding ideas. Image Source: CubeSmart – June 2022 IR Presentation. There is a lot to like about CubeSmart as the self-storage REIT has been doing great of late. CubeSmart possesses ample pricing power, its occupancy rates have been trending in the right direction of late, and the REIT is a stellar free cash flow generator. In our view, CubeSmart should be able to tap capital markets at attractive rates to meet its funding needs going forward. We appreciate CubeSmart’s latest guidance boost and continue to like shares of CUBE as an idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio. We are huge fans of self-storage REITs due to their ability to generate not just significant free cash flows, but significant excess free cash flows after covering their total payout obligations.
Aug 19, 2022
Nelson: The 16 Most Important Steps To Understand The Stock Market
Image Source: Tim Green. We outline the '16 Most Important Steps to Understand the Stock Market.' We think it's important to take a read of these key stock market tenets when things are going great -- and perhaps even more important when things aren't going your way. This continues to be a working document.
Aug 19, 2022
Public Storage Is One of Our Income Generation Favorite Ideas
Image Shown: Shares of Public Storage, one of our favorite income generation ideas, have boomed higher over the past five years with room for additional upside. Public Storage reported second quarter 2022 earnings that missed consensus top-line estimates but beat consensus bottom-line estimates as the self-storge industry in the US continues to benefit from robust demand. Surging home prices have made many households turn to self-storage options as an economical way to maximize their living space. During its second quarter earnings update, Public Storage also moderately raised its full-year guidance for 2022 which we appreciate. We are huge fans of Public Storage as the real estate investment trust (‘REIT’) is able to generate sizable “excess” free cash flows after fully covering its total payout obligations, something most REITs outside of the self-storage industry are unable to do given their hefty capital expenditure obligations. Public Storage is included as an idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio.
Jul 25, 2022
High-Yielding Life Storage Is One of Our Favorite Self-Storage REITs
Image Source: Life Storage Inc – First Quarter of 2022 Earnings Press Release. We are big fans of the self-storage industry as real estate investment trusts (‘REITs’) operating in this space have historically generated “excess” free cash flows after covering their total dividend obligations. Life Storage Inc, a self-storage REIT, is one of our favorite income generation ideas. As of this writing, shares of LSI yield ~3.9% after Life Storage pushed through a nice 8% sequential increase in its dividend in July 2022, bringing its quarterly payout up to $1.08 per share ($4.32 on an annualized basis).
Jun 28, 2022
High-Yielding CubeSmart Is A Compelling Income Generation Idea
Image Source: CubeSmart – June 2022 IR Presentation. The self-storage industry is home to several of our favorite income generation ideas due to the ability for companies operating in this space to generate substantial free cash flows after covering their total dividend obligations. Due to the favorable tax regime, most of these firms tend to be structured as real estate investment trusts (‘REITs’). CubeSmart is a self-storage REIT that is entirely focused on the U.S. market, and we include shares of CUBE as an idea in the High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio. As of this writing, shares of CUBE yield ~4.0%, and our fair value estimate for the firm stands at $56 per share, well above where shares of CUBE are trading at as of this writing.
May 28, 2022
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week of May 27
Let's take a look at firms that raised/lowered their dividends this week.
Feb 25, 2022
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week February 25
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Jan 10, 2022
Public Storage Is Simply A Monster REIT Idea!
Image Shown: We examine the traditional operating metrics of the REITs with a focus on traditional free cash flow, dividends paid, and traditional balance sheet analysis where we assess net debt positions. Most REITs fail to cover their dividends with traditional free cash flow and boast huge net debt positions. Public Storage remains one of our very favorite REITs, however. Its free cash flow coverage of the payout and manageable financial leverage are exactly what we’re looking for. There are a number of industry-specific metrics that REITs use including funds from operations (FFO) and adjusted funds from operations (AFFO), but we think more traditional analysis helps to offer incremental insights while adding considerable informational value when used in conjunction with industry-specific REIT analysis. The REIT with the best combination of dividend yield, free cash flow generation in excess of cash dividends paid, and leverage (as measured by net debt divided by annualized traditional free cash flow) is Public Storage. The company’s self-storage peers are runners up with respect to our favorites, followed by the tower stocks American Tower and SBA Communications, and then timber REIT Weyerhaeuser.
Nov 19, 2021
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week November 19
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.

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