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Dec 1, 2023
A Note on Valuation -- Low P/E Stocks with High Dividend Yields
Image: Stocks with low valuation multiples have trailed the broader S&P 500 (orange) considerably since the depths of the Great Financial Crisis. Today, with all the readily available information and data out there, it is far more likely the case that a company with a low P/E ratio actually deserves it, and a firm with an outsized dividend yield just holds a lot of net debt on their books. Investing in low P/E stocks or stocks with low valuation multiples without considering their intrinsic values (i.e. fair value estimates) may result in owning a basket of value traps. Investors may be attracted to these types of stocks for their low P/E ratios and hefty dividend yields, but just having a low P/E ratio and a high dividend yield doesn’t a good stock make. If investing were this easy, so-called “value stocks” wouldn’t have underperformed the market significantly for more than a decade and a half now.
Nov 10, 2023
Use Both the Dividend Cushion Ratio (Probability of a Dividend Cut) and the Qualitative Dividend Ratings in Your Assessment of the Payout
The Dividend Cushion ratio ranks companies on the probability of a dividend cut in the longer run, while the qualitative ratings in part assess the outlook for the health of the payout in the near term in the context of management’s willingness to preserve and raise the payout. Since the systematic application of the Dividend Cushion ratio across our coverage in 2012, the Dividend Cushion ratio has forewarned readers of approximately 50 dividend cuts. We estimate its efficacy at ~90% at identifying the risks of a dividend cut in advance of the event.
Sep 24, 2023
Report Updates: Amazon Registers the Lowest Rating on Our Scale
Check out the latest report updates on the website. The biggest takeaway of this refresh is that Amazon is poised to generate significantly negative free cash flow in 2023, and while we think the firm will turn this measure around materially in the long haul, shares are coming out as overvalued on our discounted cash-flow process, while technically its stock price is breaking down. An overvalued stock on both an absolute and relative value basis with negative technical/momentum indicators registers the worst rating on our methodology, the Valuentum Buying Index (1=worst, 10-best).
Sep 20, 2023
ICYMI: Questions for Valuentum’s Brian Nelson
Valuentum's President Brian Nelson, CFA, answers your questions.
Sep 18, 2023
The Role of Luck in Investing and How To Think About It
Image:  For every Amazon that made it, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, from the dot-com era that didn't. Very few remember or, both of which went belly up during the dot-com meltdown. For every Tesla, there is a DeLorean Motor Co. We might have completely forgotten about DeLorean were it not for the blockbuster movie, Back To The Future, that immortalized its futuristic sports car. For every streaming enterprise like Netflix, there is a Napster that failed. Most of us probably don't even remember the original Napster, which encountered legal troubles before closing shop shortly after the dot-com bust. For every Alphabet, there's an AltaVista or Netscape. For every Apple, there is a Palm or Blackberry. Who remembers how popular the Palm Pilot and Blackberry were? How about the Motorola Razr? For every Facebook and Instagram, there is a Myspace or Friendster. As investors, we underestimate the role of luck in a company's long-term success. In February 2000, a month before the dot-com market crash, a fledgling Amazon raised $672 million in convertible notes to European investors. If the company hadn't done so, there'd likely be no Amazon today, and one of the wealthiest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, might have just been a mere footnote in stock market history. Amazon would have been insolvent in 2001-2002 just like many of its other dot-com peers.
Aug 3, 2023
Not Expecting Much From Consumer Staples Stocks
Image: Kellogg is representative of many consumer staples stocks that have considerable net debt positions. Image Source: Kellogg’s second-quarter press release. Though consumer staples equities have shown tremendous resilience in the face of adversity and their dividend yields can make sense in certain portfolios, the group is overflowing with net debt positions, meager long-term growth prospects, and free cash flow generation that is largely absorbed by growing per-share dividend liabilities. On the other hand, big cap tech and large cap growth have tremendous net cash positions and substantial future expected free cash flow generation, paving the way for what could be considerable long-term return potential. As with the last decade, we expect cash-based sources of intrinsic value to prevail, and for that, we continue to point to big cap tech and large cap growth as areas for consideration.
Jul 14, 2023
Positive Pricing Elasticities Continue to Power Pepsi
Image: Effective net pricing continues to be strong at Pepsi. Image Source: PepsiCo. On July 13, PepsiCo, Inc. reported excellent second-quarter 2023 results. The firm’s pricing power continues to impress as the executive team manages modest losses in organic volume with huge effective net pricing increases. We’re sticking with the high end of our fair value estimate range for Pepsi of ~$220 per share as pricing power will likely continue for as long as pricing elasticities remain positive.
Jul 4, 2023
How Much More Will Consumers Pay for McCormick Spices?
Image: Pricing growth remains the story at McCormick, but for how long? Image Source: McCormick. Just how much further McCormick will push pricing initiatives remains to be seen, but we think investor caution is in order. The stock is already trading at 33x current fiscal year adjusted earnings, and its shares have yet to return to the peak levels reached during 2020. We wonder if there may be troubling times ahead. Our fair value estimate stands at $73 per share, well below where shares are currently trading.
May 30, 2023
Paper: Value and Momentum Within Stocks, Too
Abstract: This paper strives to advance the field of finance in four ways: 1) it extends the theory of the “The Arithmetic of Active Management” to the investor level; 2) it addresses certain data problems of factor-based methods, namely with respect to value and book-to-market ratios, while introducing price-to-fair-value ratios in a factor-based approach; 3) it may lay the foundation for academic literature regarding the Valuentum, the value-timing, and ultra-momentum factors; and 4) it walks through the potential relative outperformance that may be harvested at the intersection of relevant, unique and compensated factors within individual stocks.
May 23, 2023
Call Me Unconcerned
Image: Large cap growth has dominated returns the past five years. The Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio continues to have significant exposure to this area. We’re taking it slow this time of year. With the area of large cap growth nearly doubling since the beginning of 2018, trouncing the return of the broader market, dividend growth strategies, the area of small cap value and general REIT indices, it’s just hard to find much wrong with staying pat. The proliferation of artificial intelligence will likely propel big cap tech and large cap growth to new highs, while small cap value may continue to be weighed down by the banks--and dividend-oriented strategies may face continued pressure from rising interest rates and tired real estate markets. Things were a bit murky during 2022, but thanks for keeping the faith.

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