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Oct 22, 2020
Our Thoughts on Netflix’s Latest Earnings
Image Shown: An overview of Netflix Inc’s historical financial and operational performance and a snapshot of its outlook for the fourth quarter of 2020. Image Source: Netflix Inc – Letter to shareholders covering the third quarter of 2020. On October 20, the video streaming giant Netflix reported third-quarter 2020 earnings after the market close that underwhelmed lofty investor expectations and saw shares of NFLX move lower the next day. We recently updated our cash flow models for the Discretionary Spending industry, and our current fair value estimate for NFLX sits at $488 per share, near where Netflix is trading as of this writing. The recent selloff in Netflix’s stock price is largely about investors scaling back their expectations for Netflix’s net paid subscriber growth figures, in our view, and is not a sign of underlying weakness in the company’s business model.
Oct 14, 2020
Our Thoughts on Apple Launching Its First-Ever 5G-Capable iPhone
Image Shown: Shares of Apple Inc have surged higher year-to-date. On October 13, Apple announced its first-ever lineup of 5G-capable iPhones along with a new smart home speaker offering HomePod Mini. While the 5G-capable iPhone announcement was largely expected, we appreciate the good news all the same. We include shares of Apple as a holding in both our Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolios and are big fans of the name. The HomePod Mini offering represents Apple’s way of staying competitive with similar offerings from Amazonand Alphabet.
Oct 13, 2020
Disney Moves Higher
Image Shown: Shares of Walt Disney Company, a holding with a modest weighting in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio, are recovering. The ongoing pandemic created significant headwinds for Disney, though stellar paid subscriber growth at its Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ video streaming services are helping offset some of those headwinds. On October 12, Walt Disney Company announced a major restructuring that fundamentally places a greater focus on its direct-to-consumer (‘DTC’) strategy, which rests on its video streaming services. We have written about Disney’s impressive video streaming performance in the past. Please note beyond Disney+ and EPSN+, Disney owns 67% of Hulu with Comcast Corp owning the remaining 33% stake.
Oct 12, 2020
Dollar General’s Promising Growth Outlook
Image Source: Dollar General Corporation – Fiscal 2019 Annual Report. We are big fans of Dollar General Corp and continue to like shares of DG as a holding in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. After updating our discounted cash flow model, we increased the fair value estimate and the top end of our fair value estimate range for Dollar General. Under our “bull” case scenario, Dollar General now has a fair value estimate of $223 per share. Even if Dollar General surpasses the top end of our fair value estimate range, we prefer to let our winners run until their technicals turn against them. The latest 16-Page Stock Report covering Dollar General can be accessed here.
Oct 9, 2020
The Resilience of the US Digital Advertising Market and Alphabet
Image Shown: Shares of Alphabet Inc Class C shares, a top-weighted holding in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio, have performed very well over the past year. Going forward, we see room for significant capital appreciation upside as the digital advertising market has proven to be very resilient of late. To ride out the ongoing coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic, we continue to prefer large-cap tech companies with pristine balance sheets, strong cash flow profiles, and promising long-term growth outlooks. Ideally, we are searching for companies with outlooks that are supported by secular growth tailwinds, allowing for several winners in their respective end markets. Digital advertising is a prime example of a resilient high-quality market that is supported by secular growth tailwinds. Alphabet perfectly bits the bill given its ~$117.1 billion net cash position at the end of June 2020 (not including ~$13.0 billion in non-current non-marketable securities, and with no short-term debt on the books), and considering it generated over $14.0 billion in free cash flow during the first half of 2020 alone. We include Alphabet Class C shares as a top-weighted holding in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio, and the top end of our fair value estimate range sits at $1,795 per share of GOOG.
Oct 2, 2020
ICYMI: How Big Is Your "Too Hard" Bucket?
Image Source: Christian Schnettelker. In investing, it's okay to admit that there are some things that investors can't know. It's not a poor reflection of one's analytical ability or a possible shortcoming of one's experience, but rather quite the contrary: Understanding and accepting that some things are "unknowable" is a sign of the quality of one's judgment. Quite simply, certain critical components of the equity evaluation process are more "unknowable" than others. The intelligent investor recognizes the variance (fair value estimate ranges) and the magnitude of the "unknowable" between companies and generally tries to identify entities that have the least "unknowable" characteristics as possible or situations where the "unknowable" might actually be weighted in their favor (an asymmetric fair value distribution).
Sep 29, 2020
Facebook’s Promising Growth Outlook
Image Shown: Top-weighted Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio holding Facebook Inc has seen its stock price surge higher over the past year and we see room for considerably more capital appreciation upside. Facebook’s growth trajectory will depend in large part on how effective the firm is at generating more revenue per active user, especially in markets outside of the US & Canada. The emergence of a large global middle class should assist in these endeavors. We view Facebook’s growth outlook quite favorably and continue to be big fans of the social media giant. Facebook continues to be one of our favorite companies out there. Shares of Facebook are included as a top-weighted holding in our Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio. Our fair value estimate for FB sits at $284 per share, though should the firm outperform our “base case” assumptions, Facebook could carry a fair value estimate as high as $355 per share. We are enormous fans of Facebook’s net cash balance (~$58.2 billion in net cash at the end of June 2020), high quality cash flow profile (relatively modest capital expenditures are required to maintain a certain level of revenue), and incredibly promising long-term outlook that is supported by secular growth tailwinds.
Sep 16, 2020
Brain Teaser - Reflexive versus Reflective
Image: Amy Leonard. Valuation multiples tend to trigger the reflexive side of our brain, and we process the multiples through anchoring, in most cases. On the other hand, enterprise valuation, or the process required to answer the second set of questions in this article correctly, shows that our reflexive process can be quite incorrect at times. In fact, cognitive biases such as anchoring can completely trip us up into missing out on truly undervalued companies while baiting us into value traps.
Sep 14, 2020
The Role of Luck in Investing and How To Think About It
Image:  For every Amazon that made it, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, from the dot-com era that didn't. Very few remember or, both of which went belly up during the dot-com meltdown. For every Tesla, there is a DeLorean Motor Co. We might have completely forgotten about DeLorean were it not for the blockbuster movie, Back To The Future, that immortalized its futuristic sports car. For every streaming enterprise like Netflix, there is a Napster that failed. Most of us probably don't even remember the original Napster, which encountered legal troubles before closing shop shortly after the dot-com bust. For every Alphabet, there's an AltaVista or Netscape. For every Apple, there is a Palm or Blackberry. Who remembers how popular the Palm Pilot and Blackberry were? How about the Motorola Razr? For every Facebook, there is a Myspace or Friendster. As investors, we underestimate the role of luck in a company's long-term success. In February 2000, a month before the dot-com market crash, a fledgling Amazon raised $672 million in convertible notes to European investors. If the company hadn't done so, there'd likely be no Amazon today, and one of the wealthiest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, might have just been a mere footnote in stock market history. Amazon would have been insolvent in 2001-2002 just like many of its other dot-com peers.
Sep 11, 2020
Oracle’s Transformation Continues
Image Shown: Shares of Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio holding Oracle Corporation are on an upward trajectory after the tech giant reported that its strategic transition towards cloud-based offerings was going well during its latest earnings report. On September 10, Oracle Corporation reported first quarter fiscal 2021 earnings (period ended August 31, 2020) and we liked what we saw. In constant currency terms, the company’s ‘cloud services and license support’ and ‘cloud license and on-premise license’ segments reported year-over-year sales growth of 2% and 8%, respectively. We appreciate that Oracle’s cloud-oriented businesses are finally starting to gain some real traction in this lucrative and hypercompetitive market. Additionally, Oracle’s strong performance occurred in the face of the ongoing coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) pandemic, highlighting the resilience of its business model and the company’s ability to rise to the occasion.

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