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Oct 5, 2021
Innovative Fuel Cell Company Ceres Power Has a Stellar Growth Outlook
Image Shown: Ceres Power Holdings plc is a pioneer in the fuel cell industry. If Ceres Power and its strategic partners are successful, Ceres Power could offer investors ample capital appreciation upside though we caution that this is a highly speculative name. Image Source: Ceres Power Holdings Plc – First Half of 2021 Interim Report IR Presentation. Ceres Power is a pioneer in an attractive industry and continues to secure crucial strategic collaboration agreements with major industrial players worldwide. The company’s capital appreciation upside potential could be quite substantial, especially as products built on its SteelCell technology progress from the pilot phase to the commercial phase, providing its core licensing and royalties business a major uplift. Its SOEC offerings could be another source of tremendous long-term upside, though again, these are still early days. Investors should be aware of this innovative company.
Feb 23, 2021
Innovative Fuel Cell Company Ceres Power Has a Stellar Growth Outlook
Image Source: Ceres Power Holdings plc – Interim 2020 Results IR Presentation. UK-based Ceres Power is a pioneer in the fuel cell industry, with its SteelCell technology leading the way. The company has historically been unprofitable, though it aims to create a sizable high-margin licensing business over the coming years. Ceres Power is working with its strategic partners on pilot projects that aim to prove the viability of its technology. This past December, Bosch, one of Ceres Power’s strategic partners and largest shareholders, announced that starting in 2024, it would commence commercial-level production of fuel cells utilizing Ceres Power’s technology. Shares of Ceres Power are on a powerful upward trend of late as its cash flow growth trajectory is now quite promising. The firm’s net cash position (at the end of June 2020) will help the company cover its cash flow outspend as Ceres Power scales up its licensing business while continuing to make major R&D investments. Current and future support from national governments worldwide underpins the promising outlook for the fuel cell industry. Capital appreciation seeking investors should keep Ceres Power on their radar.

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