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Important Valuentum Announcements

publication date: Jul 12, 2017
author/source: Brian Nelson, CFA

We have a few important announcements and a couple reminders to share.

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing great! I wanted to let you know of a few things that I am very excited about.

First, in case you missed the rollout of our enhanced stock and ETF pages, you can read that message here. The enhanced pages make it easier to access and consume data on companies on our website, including their respective fair value estimates, Dividend Cushion ratios, and beyond. We plan to continue to develop these pages to make them as user-friendly as possible. Our goal, however, is to keep them as free from potential bias as possible, so at the moment, outside news services are generally excluded. We have a long way to go to make the pages as how I envision them, but I’m excited about the future! If you have any feedback or suggestions on them, please be sure to let me know. There are still a few bugs that we’re working out, so stay tuned.

Second, we continue to work to make our data as helpful and useful as possible. On the enhanced stock pages, the price-to-fair value ratio will now be updated weekly, so you can access our estimate of a company’s valuation relative to the stock price in a much-more frequent fashion there. On the stock pages, you’ll still have access to our 16-page reports and dividend reports (where applicable) as well as the technical charting functionality from TradingView, so that won’t change. Recent Valuentum commentary and company press releases on the respective stocks can always be found on those pages, too. As we move forward, we expect to continue to update our data more frequently and expand our research around our metrics with more academic back-tested studies using data we have generated and collected over the years. We have a couple studies in the works right now, and we have a few others that I’d like to pursue in the coming years. We pride ourselves on transparency, so I view measuring data as an integral part of the Valuentum experience.

Third, we have been working hard to update our methodology and educational information on the website, enhancing it with clarity and examples. As the years have gone by, I believe personally that I have improved as a writer, and I hope to reflect that improvement on several of our evergreen pieces on the website that we provide for new members. So please, if you haven’t accessed the website recently, be sure to do so. A lot has changed, but even more has remained the same. In particular, our team has updated the articles explaining how we derive our forecasts in our stock and dividend reports, republished content on what causes fair value estimates to change, and enhanced one of my personal favorites, “Walking Through the Calculation of the Dividend Cushion Ratio.” Our stock methodology has also been refreshed, and we’ve added a number of transcripts to previously-recorded podcasts. Our website will always be a work in progress, so your ongoing feedback is crucial to its continued development.

We’re always busy at Valuentum. Our team continues to write content and update stock reports on the website. At any time, the most recent articles that we publish can be found by scrolling down the center of the home page, and we frequently send out report update notification emails. Importantly, I encourage members to visit the website frequently and make use of the ‘Symbol’ search box in the website header to find information on stocks and ETFs you are looking for. Admittedly, our website is a bit different than others’, as we use the Home page as the portal to information. The category headings in the grey header are there to greet new visitors to the website. Please be sure to make use of the right and left columns on the website. There is a lot of information not only there, but also on the stock and ETF landing pages, too! We are doing a lot of things at Valuentum, well beyond the newsletters.

With 2017 now half way completed (can you believe it?), it’s probably a good time to remind members of what we are at Valuentum. Every now and then, I receive an email asking for buy or sell advice, so I want to be as clear as possible about this. Valuentum is a publisher of financial information, not a financial advisor, money manager or broker, so we can never tell you to buy or sell anything. It’s the rules of the business. In the same fashion, I think it’s also important to remind you that, while we track and measure ideas, being independent and minimizing conflicts of interest means that we do not trade on them, nor does Valuentum take any position in any idea highlighted. In my opinion, this important aspect allows us to avoid behavioral pitfalls and remain true to our mission: to put our readers interests first and foremost, always. Of course, we want to see management teams with “skin in the game,” but when it comes to investment research, independence and integrity remain our core.

With all of this said, I sincerely hope you are enjoying your membership to Valuentum. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me at my email address. Thank you sincerely for your interest. My very best wishes.

Kind regards, 


Brian Nelson, CFA

President, Investment Research and ETF Analysis

Valuentum Securities, Inc.  

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