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A Note to Our Members

publication date: Jul 22, 2012
author/source: Brian Nelson, CFA

Dear Valuentum Member:

We are very excited to announce a few significant improvements to our website that will be implemented next week.

First, we’ve added improved search functionality. Beginning next week, you will be able to access our research and analysis (including our 16-page stock reports and dividend reports) on your favorite companies by using a new Search box that will be housed in our website header on the right side. By toggling either ‘Symbol’ or ‘Keyword’ you will be able to more quickly find all of a stock’s related articles and analysis. Our newsletters, the Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter, and the actively-managed portfolios housed within them will still be archived on the left column of our home page. The “Our Newsletters” category will remain the section on our website to access our archived actively-managed portfolios.

Second, we’ve added the most sophisticated chart functionality available on the web today. By using this new Search box and selecting a firm’s ticker symbol, on the resulting search-results web page you will gain access to the most robust charting functionality on the web. Last week, we announced a new partnership with a chart-technology firm, TradingView, which has agreed to provide our users with real-time charting technology. On the charts, you can easily use the buttons or mouse to scroll back and forward in time, or up and down the price scale, zooming in and out to focus on areas and historical performance that is most important to you. We chose TradingView’s charts because they provide complementary functionality to our long-term intrinsic valuation analysis and financial insights that have become hallmarks of our 16-page stock reports.

Plus, the new charts provide real-time data and better enable our users to augment our existing Valuentum Buying Index scores to implement an investment strategy of their desired time horizon. We apply an investing process (not a trading strategy), where our technical/momentum assessment and our reports are updated every 3-4 months (as intrinsic values shouldn’t change much over short periods of time). We expect our best ideas to work out over a 12-18 month horizon. But some of our members have shorter-term horizons than that. With our 16-page stock and valuation reports and after the TradingView’s chart functionality has been implemented on our website next week, members will have access to the most extensive valuation analysis and the most robust, real-time charting features on the web today -- and both on our website, We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about this!

In other news (and you probably are well aware of this already), the performance of the portfolio of our Best Ideas Newsletter has been fantastic. We’re now outpacing the benchmark index (SPY) by about 28 percentage points since inception (May 2011), and our absolute performance is greater than 32% (versus the benchmark return of about 4%). And shortly after we published this performance in the July edition of our Best Ideas Newsletter, portfolio-holding eBay (EBAY) reported an excellent quarter and has subsequently jumped 10%+. In case you missed the July edition of our Best Ideas Newsletter, you can download it here. We’ve already reaped significant performance gains in our portfolio from eBay, and the company still registers a Valuentum Buying Index score of 10 (the best possible). We’re on track to record even greater outperformance when the August edition of our Best Ideas Newsletter is released on the 15th of next month.

We continue to credit our stock-selection methodology, the Valuentum Buying Index, for identifying the most interesting stocks available on the market today. To evaluate our research and analysis, we think it is most appropriate to assess the performance of the portfolio of our Best Ideas Newsletter found on page 8 (in each monthly edition). Though our coverage universe is expansive and still growing, the ideas held within our Best Ideas portfolio are the cream of the crop for the ‘Valuentum’ investor. For example, it would have taken but a very small investment in EDAC Tech (EDAC) when we added it to our portfolio at just over $4 per share to have generated returns enough to pay for a membership to Valuentum many lifetimes over (EDAC is now trading over $13 per share). We continue to look for ideas such as EDAC Tech that will deliver outsize returns to our members.

We hope you find the new search functionality useful and the new chart functionality as helpful as it is innovative. If you have any questions, you can reach me at or contact our analyst team at

Thank you for your continued membership.

Kind regards,

Brian Nelson, CFA

President, Equity Research & ETF Analysis

+1 (708) 653-7546


Valuentum Securities, Inc

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