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Jul 16, 2019
J.P. Morgan’s Net Interest Margins to Come Under Pressure
Image Source: Trending Topics 2019. It remains very clear that the Consumer & Community Banking segment is the crown jewel of JPMorgan's business with an ROE of 31% in the quarter with the Asset & Wealth Management not far behind at 27% ROE in the quarter.
Jul 4, 2019
ICYMI -- The Valuentum Economic Roundtable
We sat down with the Valuentum team to get their thoughts on the global economy and key issues that may threaten this near 10-year bull market.
Jun 28, 2019
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week Ending June 28
Let's take a look at companies that raised/lowered their dividend this week.
Jun 4, 2019
Excerpt: Big Six Banks as a Yield Play?
An article excerpt from our monthly High Yield Dividend Newsletter. Order the High Yield Dividend Newsletter here.
May 30, 2019
The "Hierarchy" of Valuentum Idea Generation
Image: The Valuentum Buying Index rating scale.More recently, we have received more questions about companies that are lower on the hierarchy of idea generation than on companies that are higher on the hierarchy of idea generation. We want to make sure that you are focusing on the "right" areas of our service. Let's talk about this hierarchy of idea generation in this note.
May 14, 2019
Markets Swooning, Expect Extreme Volatility, Finger on Put-Option Trigger
Image shown: We notified members December 26 that we had moved  the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio to a "fully invested" position, from a 30% and 20% cash "weighting" at the high end of the range, respectively.
Apr 23, 2019
Morgan Stanley’s Lumpy Performance Calls Into Question Durability of Earnings Stream
Image Source: reynermedia. If Morgan Stanley’s activities can collapse that quickly, as they did during the fourth-quarter of 2018 when the market swooned, it really calls into question the durability of the earnings stream for all of the global players.
Apr 22, 2019
Interview with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA
Catch up with Valuentum's President Brian M. Nelson, CFA in a recent interview with dividend growth investor Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland of the blog stockles.
Apr 20, 2019
Taking a Fresh Look at Goldman Sachs
Image Source: Goldman Sachs 1Q19 Earnings Slides. After taking a fresh look at our valuation assumptions in the context that Goldman hasn’t really proven that it can earn above the cost of capital through the economic cycle, we have lowered our fair value estimate to $200 per share.
Apr 18, 2019
Raising Our Fair Value Estimate for Bank of America
Image shown: Valuentum's fair value estimates for its banks and money center coverage. We've raised our fair value estimate of Bank of America.The only thing not to like with Bank of America is that banks are cyclical and the economy is overdue for a downturn. Everything else is going right at Bank of America. We have raised our fair value estimate for Bank of America to $35 per share.

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