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Sep 22, 2014
Merger Activity Has Stepped Up Again as Stock Market Strengthens
Siemens scoops up Dresser-Rand, SAP buys Concur, and Merck KGaA buys Sigma-Aldrich.
Sep 2, 2014
The Dividend Dilemma
Remember that you’re putting your hard-earned capital at risk for an income stream. Be sure to keep your guard up.
Jun 22, 2014
Valuentum Economic Castle™ Rating Update
Members should expect the initial Economic Castle™ ratings.
Feb 14, 2014
Dividend Increases/Decreases for the Week Ending February 14
Let's take a look at dividend increases/decreases for the week ending February 14.
Oct 18, 2013
PPG Posts Record Third Quarter Results; Our Favorite Idea in the Chemicals Industry
Let’s examine PPG’s third-quarter performance. This chemicals firm is one for the radar.
Aug 14, 2013
Chemical Firms Continue to Worry About Economy; PPG Industries, Ecolab, and Eastman Chemical Stand Out in Second Quarter
Second-quarter performance from firms in the chemicals (broad) industry wasn’t great, and many expressed concerns about the economy going forward. Still, PPG Industries, Ecolab, and Eastman Chemical stood out as the top fundamental performers.
Nov 29, 2012
Special Dividends: A Fantastic Idea…Fiscal Cliff Has Started a Trend
We're a bit surprised that special dividends haven't been occurring even more regularly, but we dig into the trend.
Aug 23, 2012
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Search dividend reports by company name: Q to Z. As a supplement to our 16-page stock reports, our dividend reports assess the safety of a firm's dividend through our Valuentum Dividend Cushion ratio, the potential growth of a firm's dividend by evaluating its capacity and willingness to increase the dividend, the historical track record of the company's dividend performance, and the overall strength of the dividend by putting all of this analysis together. Each report offers our estimate of the future growth rate of the firm's dividend.

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