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Sep 20, 2023
ICYMI: Questions for Valuentum’s Brian Nelson
Valuentum's President Brian Nelson, CFA, answers your questions.
Sep 6, 2023
Latest Report Updates Reveal Tremendous Dividend Strength at Walmart
Our latest report updates showcased one very big observation, and that was the tremendous dividend strength of Walmart. The big box retailer’s Dividend Cushion ratio is rock-solid, and improved inventory management has worked wonders on operating cash flow this year, driving it to $18.2 billion during the six months ended July 31 from $9.24 billion in the same period a year ago, all the while organized retail theft remains a huge industry-wide problem. Though shares of Walmart are widely followed and are fairly valued on the basis of our discounted cash-flow process, we stand in awe of the company’s resurgence in free cash flow generation and believe that the firm offers a nice foundation to the markets. Walmart is on a short list of entities that we’d be looking to add to the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio at the right price, near the lower end of our updated fair value estimate range.
Aug 14, 2023
Apple's Looming ‘Watch X’ Likely a Game Changer in Smartwatches
Image Source: Wiyre Media. Apple is expected to do a refresh of its Apple Watch this year, but the changes won’t be as significant to draw many to upgrade. However, as we look out to fiscal 2024 and fiscal 2025, exciting things could happen. According to a report from Bloomberg, the “Watch X,” marking the 10th anniversary of the rollout of the first Apple Watch, is targeted to include a blood-pressure monitoring tool, among other upgrades. Not only do we think a blood-pressure monitoring tool will drive considerable adoption from many that do not have a smartwatch, but it could also drive a huge market share shift to the device from Samsung and Alphabet’s Fitbit.
Jul 31, 2023
Johnson & Johnson Belongs in the “Too Hard” Bucket
Image Source: Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson recently entered the “too hard” bucket for us. We dropped J&J from the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio and Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio on March 13 of the year, as we lost interest in the company given the uncertainties surrounding talc liabilities and the Kenvue split-off. We prefer simplicity across our newsletter portfolios, and J&J’s results have often been messy, to say the least. Though J&J's second-quarter 2023 performance, released July 20, was a bit better, we no longer have much interest in the name, given its net debt position and contingent talc liabilities. We’re also not interested in shares of its split-off Kenvue, having completely removed J&J from the newsletter portfolios prior to the split. We continue to prefer the areas of big cap tech and large cap growth.
Jul 24, 2023
AT&T: A High Yield Dividend Disaster, Now An ESG Nightmare
Image: AT&T’s shares continue to disappoint. We’re not interested in AT&T at all and believe that shares may remain under significant pressure until 1) material top-line growth resumes, 2) the firm’s capital-intensity lessens, 3) free cash flow improves significantly, 4) dividend increases resume 5) its leverage improves and 6) there is more visibility related to the potential contingent liabilities associated with lead-covered cables. We doubt all six of these things will happen, and therefore we believe the best days are likely behind AT&T.
Jul 15, 2023
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Jul 11, 2023
An Important Measure of Leverage for Dividend-Growth and Income-Oriented Shareholders, One That Is Dividend-Adjusted
As more and more investors rely on company dividends for income, dividends, in our view, have become more debt-like commitments in nature, especially from the perspective of dividend-growth or income-oriented shareholders. Years ago, we rolled out a measure of financial leverage that considers both the company’s debt and the present value of its future expected cash dividend obligations, which, in the eyes of die-hard dividend-growth or income-oriented shareholders, may be implicitly assumed to be debt-like commitments in substance. We think this leverage ratio can be used in conjunction with the Dividend Cushion ratio to gain additional insight into the dividend-paying financial health of an entity.
Jun 26, 2023
Latest Report Updates Concentrated in Mining & Chemicals and Healthcare Industries
In our 16-page equity research reports, we offer a fair value estimate for each company based on a rigorous and transparent discounted cash flow process, assess the attractiveness of a stock based on a firm-specific margin of safety, and provide a relative valuation comparison in the context of the company’s industry and peers. Each report includes detailed pro forma financial statements, explicit fundamental forecasts, and scenario analysis. A cross section of the ValueCreation and ValueRisk ratings provides a financial assessment of a company’s business quality (competitive position), while the ValueTrend and Economic Castle ratings offer insight into the trajectory of a firm’s economic profit creation (ROIC versus WACC). Included in each 16-page report is a company's rating on the Valuentum Buying Index (VBI), a methodology that combines rigorous financial and valuation analysis with an evaluation of a firm's technicals and momentum indicators to derive a score between 1 and 10 for each company (10=best). We believe the VBI methodology helps identify the most attractive stocks at the best time to consider buying, helping to avoid value traps and lagging performance due to the opportunity cost of holding a stock with great potential but at an inopportune time. The Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio puts the VBI into practice. Read more about the Valuentum Buying Index rating system, "Value and Momentum Within Stocks, Too." Members can access our 16-page company research reports by using our 'Symbol' search box in our website header.
Jun 5, 2023
ALERT: Going to “Fully Invested” in the Best Ideas Newsletter Portfolio
Image: Since the publishing of the first edition of the book Value Trap, the stylistic area of large cap growth (SCHG) has meaningfully outperformed both the equal-weight S&P 500 (SPY) and small cap value (IWN).With the debt-ceiling debate behind the markets, the regional banking crisis largely in the rear-view mirror, and the Fed winning the fight against inflation, a continuation of the strength in the markets as witnessed from the October 2022 lows can probably be expected. We're going to "fully invested" in the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio today and expect to do the same in the Dividend Growth Newsletter portfolio and High Yield Dividend Newsletter portfolio soon.
May 30, 2023
Paper: Value and Momentum Within Stocks, Too
Abstract: This paper strives to advance the field of finance in four ways: 1) it extends the theory of the “The Arithmetic of Active Management” to the investor level; 2) it addresses certain data problems of factor-based methods, namely with respect to value and book-to-market ratios, while introducing price-to-fair-value ratios in a factor-based approach; 3) it may lay the foundation for academic literature regarding the Valuentum, the value-timing, and ultra-momentum factors; and 4) it walks through the potential relative outperformance that may be harvested at the intersection of relevant, unique and compensated factors within individual stocks.

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