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publication date: Aug 24, 2013
author/source: Valuentum Editorial Staff

A Few Subscriber Testimonials...

"It's easier to recognize a great business and its stock price than it is to determine its fair value. Discounted cash flow analysis is the linchpin to understanding value...dedication to providing unconflicted, buyside valuation research is very helpful and highly appreciated by investors and investment advisors alike...Dividend Cushion methodology is an essential analysis for any dividend and dividend growth investor. Valuentum's valuation and price framework is a value-add in any equity research effort." -- Vince Rossi, President, Chief Investment Officer at Intelligent Capitalworks Fiduciary Wealth Management

"At Concinnity, we believe in sustainable capitalism and that companies guided by a multi-stakeholder operating system are best positioned to meet stakeholder expectations and flourish. Valuentum's research, data and services play an important role in providing a holistic view of a company by evaluating each entity from a variety of different perspectives. The ability of the Valuentum Buying Index to convey such a holistic view within the investment context continues to be an informative part of the Concinnity process." -- Rick Frazier, Concinnity Advisors, LP

"I think it’s important that people who have subscribed to your site let you know what a positive experience it has been. Over the years I have dabbled with Zacks, VectorVest, North American Market Letter and Motley Fool (and a few others...). I am an FA (financial advisor)...and have rapidly come to trust all facets of your site, your stock coverage and methodology. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to equity markets and appreciate your down to earth and reader friendly stock reports, they help me keep my feet on the ground! In my own trading account I have WAY more than covered what I have paid in subscriptions, it’s likely I will be upgrading to the full year advisor package in the near future..." -- Steve B.

"I enjoy and depend on the Valuentum equity reports...I just called to say hello and let you know how impressed and grateful I am for the Valuentum Dividend Cushion tool. This is truly a remarkable way to analyze a company's dividend sustainability and far superior to simply looking at the dividend payout percentage." -- L.M.M

I have purchased dozens of newsletters but yours is by far the best one I've seen. Thanks for the clear, concise easy to follow (ideas). Excellent! -- Bill H.

As services professional for 42 years I can frankly say this is the best service I have ever found and used. -- James W.

"Cheers for the stock screener and newsletters. I've used others in the past, but yours has some handy features such as the ability to filter by FCF growth rates." -- Anthony S.

"Your methodology is remarkable. I've been keeping track of your top picks and the amount of alpha is remarkable, with lower beta too. I hadn't thought about it before, but momentum investing does generate a certain margin of safety, no one wants to sell a stock when it's going up, even in a down market."         -- Brendan O.

"I like your methodology. I also like how you avoid value traps and how you can use momentum as timing. These two are (great) features when compared to competition of Morningstar. And peer compare/relative valuation is another (great) feature only your company has.” -- Venu L.

"Your service is very good, certainly one of the better ones out there. The research was clear, concise and easy to understand..." -- Gobi S.

“In addition to your service, I subscribe to Morningstar. I must say that your stock reports are much more detailed than theirs which has impressed me and I compliment you on.” -- Sam M.

"Nice job with the website, the newsletter, the analysis that goes into your recommendations and rankings, the Dividend Growth Portfolio and more." -- Paul M.

"I want to tell you that I am so glad to have found your site.  Finding a research site that matches my investing strategy is a huge plus for me and is already saving me hours of research time. -- Dean F.
"I am extremely impressed by the content. It's always with a little trepidation that I sign up to an investment website but I think yours is well worth the money." -- Steve B.

"I really enjoy your emphasis on free cash flow. (It's) hard to find good resources that have consistent and accurate free cash flow numbers that go back 5-10 years. Some of the technical/momentum analysis is also quite unique and definitely gives your research an edge. -- Alex R.

"I happened to stumble upon your website and so far am very impressed. I'm currently a Level II CFA Candidate and could tell right away from your reports that you have CFA Institute roots. I look forward to reading your research reports to help me prepare for the Level II exam and further develop my skills in equity research." -- Peter B.
"I'm a new member, and very impressed with your methodology." -- Phillip C.

“I really love the 16-page reports you folks prepare, and I have prepared numerous DCF valuations of my own using the DCF model...thanks!” -- Mitch G.

“Your site is very interesting, informative. And I love the reports. Thanks again for a great service!!! -- Michael M. 
“I just subscribed to your newsletter after reading your impressive write-up on Chipotle...You have an imaginative and impressive product, it appears. Congratulations.” -- Hewitt H.
“Thank you for access to your Premium content. Your newsletter is extremely well written and informative.” -- Barry G.

"I strongly believe in fundamental analysis and (the) DCF model. Congratulations on (an) excellent and very informative website." -- Boris P.

"I am awfully impressed with this service. Keep up the good work." -- Greg K.

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